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About us

The Chesser farm tries to make the space the best possible location for your event, focusing on beauty, cleanliness, accessability, and endless options. It's for this reason, we recommend you get help with or hire a professional planner for your event here.

This dedication to the event opens up endless possibilities for someone, or a group, that wants everything a certain or particular way. There is no need to compromise. We can accommodate large outdoor gatherings near 300 people. We are located in between Ottawa and the Montreal areas. Both have large international airports, to give traveling guests some options.

The site has written history beginning in the late 18th century. It's located on a navigable river, with an active nature corridor and a large variety of native plants and animals. The scenery changes during the different months and seasons. The wild flowers are plentiful and the various set-up locations have views of rivers and forests. The sounds are numberous, like those from a babbling brook and the many birds.

Many of the neighboring farms are organic. For this reason, and to lower our environmental impact, we chose not to use fertilizer or pesticides. We hand pull invasive weeds and cut down non-native "pest" trees. We try to recycle old lumber and materials, when possible.

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